Enjoy the distinct beauty of nature in your home with our Engineered Timber range. With each plank being rich with individual detail, every board is guaranteed to impress with individual charm and character.

Why Choose Engineered Timber?

Solid oak veneer

Topped with a 3mm solid oak veneer that will bring a touch of genuine oak to your home.

Genuine Character

Timber flooring is a natural product so every board has a unique appearance and will mature with age. Our UV resistant coating helps retain the product’s natural appearance.

Premium Quality

Crafted to reflect the true beauty of wood, the intricate details of the timber grain are enhanced with our detailed surface finishes ensuring quality down to the last detail.

Guaranteed to last

Rest assured knowing that our floors are certified with a structural guarantee to last and perform for a lifetime.

Built to withstand the flow of daily life

We are proud to guarantee all our Engineered Timber surfaces for 20 years. With proper care and maintenance your floor will retain its strength and beauty for many years to come. 

UV matte finish on every plank

All Engineered hardwood planks are coated with a UV matte finish to preserve their natural look and to minimise the visibility of scratches.

easy to clean

Maintaining the beauty of your hardwood floors is easy. Simply wipe with a damp or dry cloth to always keep them looking their best.

Transform your home with ease

Thanks to the multi-layered construction, our Engineered Timber is designed for strength and durability, which we back with a lifetime structural guarantee. Each plank is layered with a 3mm thick, real oak veneer that matures naturally with age, while a pine core provides optimal stability underfoot.

5G Locking Mechanism Floorboard Feature Icon


Our Engineered Timber floors use a 5G click locking system for easier installation that is twice as fast as older systems. The boards come ready-to-go with a plastic tongue that just clicks into place for a stronger, more reliable floor.

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Engineered Timber Floorboard Diagram

UV-Cured urethane coating for superior wear resistance

3mm Oak Veneer

Pine core for optimal construction stability

Engineered Timber Diagram showing Urethane Laquer, Oak Vaneer and Plywood Core

UV-Cured urethane coating with Aluminium Oxide for superior wear resistance

3mm Oak Veneer

Cross-layered plywood core for optimal construction stability

Tongue & Groove Installation System Floorboard Feature Icon


Heartridge hardwood floors are equipped with a secure and reliable tongue and groove installation system.

engineered timber range

Engineered Timber Rustic Oak Flooring in Tawny Owl Living Room Scene
engineered timber

Rustic Oak

Tea and Books in Tray on Heartridge Timber Woodland Oak Flooring Detail
engineered timber

Woodland Oak

Rustic Oak Engineered Timber floorboard display in loungeroom
engineered timber


Gentle Environment Floorboard Feature Icon

A Sustainable source

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our supply partners comply with international standards of legal and sustainable logging, through the provision of Chain of Custody documentation and Harvest/Transport Certificates for every single batch of product that we sell. This way, we can feel confident that all Heartridge hardwood flooring has been sourced from sustainable forests, and our customers can share in this confidence.

Riviera Oak Kitchen Display in Bora Colour Variety

Engineered Timber | CLICK
Riviera Oak | Bora

Engineered Timber
Vintage Oak | Hedgerow

Floorboard Plank Package Installation

Installation AND Care

Our Engineered Timber is equipped with a secure and reliable tongue and groove join. Find installation instructions here.

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Comparing Floorboard Sample Colours With Flooring


Not sure which floor is right for you? We've compared each product's specifications and features side-by-side to help you choose.